2K19, a year filled with hope of a better today and tomorrow, were the masses are aiming for greatness and to achieve all their set goals and to have their dreams realised. This year our theme is Living beyond the usual, Becoming. Here on Lessons of Culture we talk poetry, love, life, art, music all in aimed at us becoming what we want to be in life.

To start off this year we look into the work of a young gentleman, inspirational, motivational, powerful, eloquent. His name is Ray T.


Who is he?

Ray T Chemvura, 19, is one of Zimbabwe’s youngest authors and motivational speakers with two internationally published books to his name that is A GREAT LEADER and UNLOCKING YOUR RICHES. He coauthored his third book DIVAS WITHOUT LIMITS, a book that empowers young African women with Carl Joshua Ncube the comedian and Khumbu Malinga. He is also the Founder and President of Empowerment Zone Movement an organization which empowers and motivates people to become the best version of themselves.


The chat

So from whatt I’ve seen you are a very motivated person.

Where does the motivation and inspiration come from?

Ray T: It comes from within. I just have this desire to change a life, make my mark, leave a legacy and help others create their own legacies. I believe the main reason for existence is wealth and legacy creation
I’m also motivated by my mentor Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa a Zimbabwean based is South Sfrica but has achieved a lot in a foreign land

How have dealt with failure?

Ray T: I’ve told myself that failure is part of the process. If I fail I know I’ll do it right next time . So I’ve just taught my mind that failure should not disappoint me but should motivate me into wanting to do it right

Writing books is very time consuming task and energy draining too. How do u balance that and school/work and social life?

Ray T: Writing is not physical, if you do it in the physical stat you’ll struggle to write. Writing is something that flows from within. When I was writing I did not eat or drink water because I wasn’t hungry or thirsty . It was like someone was in my mind telling me what to write. I haven’t written in a year now but will be writing something this coming January. Taking a leave from writing has given me time to focus and settle in my first year at university and I’ve had distinctions. Nevertheless motivation is something I’ve not stopped doing because every day I’m on social media motivating people

From your books what are your two most favorite quotes?

Ray T: A GREAT LEADER QUOTE “Plans change to suit circumstances but a vision does not change to suit any circumstances”
UNLOCKING YOUR RICHES QUOTE “There is no limit to what you can achieve when you put yourself to it “

What are the plans for 2019?

Ray T: Yes, MT Gadzikwa and I will be working on a new book titled Self Introspection

The book is about a reflection of oneself in managing phases of life fruitfully. People attain a judgemental position on others before they really know who they are ..the book helps one realise his or her inner being and standing position.

In 2k19 as we strive to live beyond our usual selves, lets pluck a leaf from Ray T, we can all be and become all that we want to be. The power is in our hands…





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