I slit my wrists to get you out of my system
The floor ran red with memories, flowing, gushing away from within me
Tears helped too. The drops washed away all the kisses you softly put on my cheeks.
My heart an ice box, frozen by the cold which comes from not being in your warm embrace.

My mind is tired. Tired from trying to answer the question, How could you? When my world revolved around you, my roots deep within your being, but that fantasy kept my eyes from seeing.

I radiated my love on you like the sun rays on the moon
Took my heart and handed it to you, You let it go. Left it floating in the void of that lonely space, far away from the light of the stars, Stars that were close to your heart, You were my universe, until the black hole appeared, and turned my world into oblivion.

As you were flowing from my slit wrist I remembered how you held my hand in trust without doubt. Our fingers interlocked with the passion that weaved our beings into one, the perfect masterpiece. The type that inspired Shakespeare to scribble down Romeo and Juliet.
Your soft hands made mine feel less brittle, reminding me that in my brokeness I could still be a man and be gentle.

As you were flowing from my slit wrist I reminisced on the courage you gave me when I was disgusted at myself, my number one fan
The support you gave me day in and day out ultimately led to my breaking in into the harsh world and excelling in it, bringing me out of my misery and closer to my destiny..

As you flowed from my slit wrist I closed my eyes

Tears flowing, my world crumbled

My mind dark, heart shattered

Soul black, will broken

Hope lost

I remembered saying remember that my love for you is immortal

but here I am, mortal man

slowly losing my breath

and my…

my sight

It’s getting dark

and I feel sleepy,

let me close my eyes

maybe when…

When I wake up



will be


” IN MEMORY OF………………..


By K.Culture⚜️


We are all broken in various ways and by different things, some find it hard to handle, some decide to take their own lives. We have to support each other as a people, talk to each other, open up and help each other heal from the brokenness. When you are broken and the light shines through, shine that light on others too, maybe then we might find peace.

Remember we have each other to keep

We are the New Age

Masters Above Nature

And we have to Be and Become the best versions of our selves for ourselves and for others

Only if we look our for our own…


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