My word to you my son; live life in your own eyes and not in the eyes of another so that you will have a full and true version of yourself. Yes, you need others so that your own self definition makes sense from diffent perspectives and is then consolidated but let the core of it come from you. You are unique, own it, it is who you are. You can try to change yourself and it might work but only for a little while.

We all try to escape reality, because fantasy is less stressful and is easier to manipulate. Reality on the other hand requires will, courage, determination and all that stuff you read in motivational books. That sounds boring I know, most of it is, let me not lie. The comfort of escaping who you are is just fantastic and blissful, but know this my son, who you are is who you are. You can try to run from yourself but it will always catch up with you. You can never change that the same way you can’t turn fire into ice or a rock into a cloud or change me to you. It is best you embrace it

In your uniqueness look towards understanding yourself, being the master of your own self and being above the prescribed nature.
An undisputable fact is that the you that you are set to become is one that is good and will help others be the best versions of themselves too. You live with others, and for them, but never let their opinion of you become yours. Stand tall in the definition of thy self that those around you be inspired and follow your example and define themselves and live to better others in the same way.

The day you find yourself my son will be the happiest day of your life. Work towards that in the persuit of the unknown journey called life.




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