She will take away your worries and insecurities
Life begins to have an added purpose, a reason to keep going.
You strive to make her better than yesterday, to be her shelter and refuge.
When God is involved you strive to let her troubles known to him and constantly ask the Father to be with her.
She will be there and you will always find her there, you don’t have to doubt or wonder.
She will become your only focus and all the distractions will not move you in any way.

She will become your strength and your happy place.
She may make you angry, sad or worried but over and above all you will still find your heart drawn to her in forgiveness and reconciliation because that connection is far reaching and deeper than any trivial matter.

She will make you laugh and her smile will melt your cold, hard heart. You will realize that being rigid always isn’t the only way of showing strength.
You will be vulnerable when around her, passions will rise and at the sign of danger or harm your wrath will be enflamed.

That is love my friend and when you do find it it will not make sense for you have not experienced it in that way before.


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