Because my eyes fail to see what you expect them to see never means that I’m obscene,
Because I do not conform to your norms never means my point of view is wrong
Because I look up and ahead, when you look down and scared, never means to an alien I must be compared
Because I stay positive in the face of the impossible when you break down without trying when you hit the first obstacle, doesn’t mean I’m too naïve or too dreamy, failure to me  will never be optional.
Because I look and dress poor, doesn’t mean you being covered in Gucci are pure, what we have to offer this world is the only wealth that determines what’s sure
Because I walk everyday and have no shoes, never means I’m dum and have no clue
Because I seem weak on the outside, never means that I am on the inside, heck, I’m a beast waiting to be unleashed, strong, having been fed by the paradox of hardships and grind, daily my vision redefined, my eyes highly inclined towards the far reaching space above the sky.
I drew my grave and when I finished I had died, died to all the fears that said I can’t, died to all the negatives that said give it a break, died to my own self and started living like a dead man, with nothing more to lose, except one thing, living for nothing and dying for nothing
Because I am fighting a war you don’t yet understand, leave me be and fight yours.
For in the end we all are fighting for something, if not, your end will vanish just like that, into a deep sad nothing.
Let us change our mindset and reset the bad habits and judgments, mind the process of understanding that we are all one and diverse.
It takes one simple chat with the other to realize that in our differences we are brothers
It takes one simple hie to create a bond that can make us all fly.
It takes an open mind to adjust to a person of character that seeks to understand not measure the room temperature based on the likes, skin, ethnicity or figure.
We are GenerationYLie, and we look out for our own, with an objective eye, accepting heart, open mind, warm smiles, and caring arms.
Because in the end we all have each other to keep

GenerationYLie, the newAge


King Culture®