As we progress, we are working towards being the best versions fo ourselves, living beyond the usual. Forget that not. This artist is among the best rappers out of Harare and Midlands Ustate University. Among the top contenders of the Nengoma rap battles, and one of the best freestylist with a record of a 9 minute single take freestyle. I got a chance to talk to him and this is what he had to say….

Who is KAZ?

Kaz: Question is what is K.A.Z lol
K.A.Z is an abbreviation firstly meaning King Around Zimbabwe, king of rap, hip hop, self crowned in my own mind. That’s the basic side of it. On the musical side K.A.Z is a different combination of musical styles put in one rap, singing, freestyling, You name it. On the personal side K.A.Z is jus a normal kid from the Eastside of Harare who’s simply Kudakwashe. I would like to break it down in those 3 parts.

When did you start this rap game?
Kaz: Well if u talking rap since 2008 if u talking hip hop basically all my life

Which local artist inspires you the most and why. Followed by the international ones
Kaz: In order King Pin, Mischeif & MC chita
If you look at real rap in this country, those 3 rappers inspired me the most because their sound was distinctive, in an era were urban grooves was topping. These dudes stuck to what they did and that was raw uncut rap. I looked up to them because they showed me a zim nigga can actually rap and compete. R.I.P to KINGPIN and Mischief. Big up mudhara Chita as well

Kaz: And I feel like niggaz like Mox who say they represent hip hop in this country don’t acknowledge those 3 dudes or even play them on radio, especially Mizcheif who became the first rapper ever in S.A to perform with a live band and won so many awards in S.A. One of the pioneers not only of Zim hip hop but S.A hip hop too but we as zim don’t acknowledge them enough

International influences could go for days but my top 5 are Pac, BIG, Nas, Jay, Em in that order.

So what’s your take on the Zim hip hop scene as it it today
Kaz: I think zim hip hop is sleeping not necessarily dead. It just needs someone to wake it up, Zim hip hop resembles sleeping beauty if you can relate lol. She’s a beauty alright, just needs a charming Prince to awaken her with a kiss 🤣

What kind of awakening do you think can make this industry move, kusvika level rana Enzo Ishal?
Kaz: First of all mad love fr Enzo he’s a young nigga getting his paper and I respect that.
Before we talk bout how to awaken Zim hip, all the hating in Zim hip hop has to stop. People don’t work together as much as Zimdancehall artists do. Rappers are too focused on “ohh nah I’m the best why should I put anyone on..”. Those who are known are too obsessed with the spotlight, even when its not even that bright lol. But they are so obsessed they hate on the next artist and especially dope upcoming oans with the talent but no resources. The ones who are well known have the resources but no talent

I want to take a different twist here,
Of all the historical figures of Zimbabwe
Which one do you resonate with mostly and why?
Kaz: That’s interesting, I would have to say the Late Cde Josiah Tongogara

I feel like the fact that he was in the frontline during the war he really cared aboutu not only the people he was fighting for then, but for the generations to come. You could see by the way he talked and addressed, his messages, the emotion. He had the same look in his eyes that MLK jr had, the idea of a society where there is no segregation of races black white or whatever.

Ok so you have dropped a few tracks right
Any plans for 2019?
Kaz: Yeah I’ve dropped some tracks ovr the years but my official mixtape is dropping this year some tym in the winter I guess “winter is coming”

Any word to the aspiring female rappers
Kaz: Just be yourself, don’t try to be Cardi B or Nicki just be you, a proud daughter of the soil. Forget the booty shaking and pink hair, we need female rappers like the great Lauren Hill in this country that inspire women to know their worth and stand up for themselves, not just to show how to twerk and dress semi nude.

Any last words to the Zim hip hop world
Kaz: I’m coming!

Welcome to the NewAge, the Greatest Of All Times. The future is here, are you ready?




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